Communities within the Baldwin Hills

Main Menu The Baldwin Hills are located within Los Angeles County, and partially within the City of Los Angeles. There are several communities located entirely or partially within the Baldwin Hills.
  • Ladera Heights is located on the southern slope of the western ridge of the Baldwin HIlls. Ladera Heights is primarily a residential community with approximatly three thousand homes in an unincorporated enclave straddling La Cienga Boulevard. There are two small commercial zones, along Slauson and Centinala avenues.
  • Culver City to the West and North
  • Blair Hills - to the North part of the Western Ridge. (part of Culver City)
  • View Park - On the Eastern Ridge
  • Windsor Hills - On the Eastern Ridge
  • City of Inglewood South and East of Ladera heights.
  • Baldwin Hills Village - To the NorthEast (part of City of Los Angles)
  • Baldwin Hills Estates - On the Eastern Ridge
  • Crenshaw - On the Eastern Slope
  • Liemert Park - On the southern slope of the east ridge.

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