Creating a Baldwin Hills State Park

Main Menu There are plans to build "One Big Park", starting from the current Kenneth Hahn State Park, including the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook, several other parks, and land to be acquired between these existing parks. At present these parks are separate parks, but plans in progress to connect these parks, to aquire additional park lands. The main driver for the Baldwin Hills Park plan is:
  • The Baldwin Hills Conservancy - a state appointed board with a mission to aquire open space within the Baldwin Hills. The conservancy activities are very important to improve access to open space in the community, and to head off adverse development in the area that is currently occupied by the Inglewood oil fields.
There was significant discussion surrounding the creation of the master plan for the park and concepts were submitted by many planners and landscape architects. A conceptual drawing by Mia Lehrer and Associates of the planned park can be found on the website of the Baldwin Hills Conservancy (click on the image below to visit the conservany website and to find a version with greater detail).

The Park
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